how do you space for workscited

how do you space for workscited

Document Format:
Margins – 1 inch all sides, including top, bottom, left and right.
Line Spacing – Double spacing should occur throughout the document.

The Works Cited page should have a page number, continuing on from the paper.
Use a hanging indent: If the citation is longer than one line of the page, indent the remaining lines(s) approximately one-half inch from the left margin. This “hanging” indent can be done in MS Word:

How do you space for workscited
Label the page References centered at the top. Any APA in-text citations that were included in your paper should have full references/citations listed here. For additional help, see our guide on APA citation.
Double space the entire list. Every line after the first line of a citation should be indented one-half inch from the left margin (also known as hanging indentations). Alphabetize your entire bibliography list.

Indent the next line and begin typing your text.
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For full guidance, please consult The Chicago Manual of Style Online (access for UNC affiliates via Onyen login).
Citations beginning with names and those beginning with titles are to be alphabetized together. Numbers in titles are treated as though they have been spelled out. For names, alphabetize based on the letters that come before the comma separating the last name from the first, and disregard any spaces or other punctuation in the last name. For titles, ignore articles such as “a” and “the” (and equivalents in other languages) for alphabetization purposes.

How do you space for workscited
A bibliography, however, typically includes resources in addition to those cited in the text and may include annotated descriptions of the items listed.
In general, the list of references is double-spaced and listed alphabetically by first author’s last name. For each reference, the first line is typed flush with the left margin, and any additional lines are indented as a group a few spaces to the right of the left margin (this is called a hanging indent).

How do you space for workscited
If you need to change Word document formatting, it is best to strip out Word’s default settings, which are set at “Normal”. The elements of the Normal style are Calibri font, size 11, single spacing with an extra line between paragraphs and right justification. The simplest way to edit the formatting is to change to the “No Spacing” style, and reset the font, spacing and indentations etc as you require.
2. With the text still highlighted, click the small arrow in the Paragraph group which will open a dialog box.

For a book list the last name of the author followed by the last name, the title of the book in italics or underlined, the place of publication followed by a colon, the publishing company and finally the year of publication, like in the example that follows:

To list a web site, use the author’s last name if available, followed by the first name, the title of the page in quotation marks, and the copyright date that you should find at the bottom of the page. The date that you accessed the information should follow, and finally the URL or internet address inside angle brackets.

And what I want is this:
Thank you in advance

How do you space for workscited

A copy of this book is available at the help desk.

  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 12 point
  • Margins: 1 inch
  • Paragraphs: All paragraphs should be indented.
  • Spacing: All of the text in your paper should be double-spaced.


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