Comparing the Character Traits of August from the Book “Wonder” and Rocky from the Movie “Mask.”


Written by Raquel J. Palacio, “the wonder” is one of the fascinating literal texts that one would find attractive and exciting to read. The incumbent author stars a Ten-year-old August Pullman as the main character.  In the book, August, also known as Auggie displays and outstanding character trait that not only supersedes a young boy of 10 years but surprises many who have come across this work of art (Palacio, 3). In a comical drama, the protagonist appears to conform to all the underlying ways of life.

Auggie knows very well that as a young man brought up by one of the most responsible parents, though not given a chance to be narrated in the book, has to attend school just as any other children and pass through all the developmental stages (Palacio, 3). Comparatively, “the Mask” directed by Peter Bogdanovich and released in on 6th March 1985 stars Rocky Dennis also known as Rock as its main character. Rocky goes through a life experience which is similar to that of August as he struggles to find his place in the public school system, accompanied with substantial embarrassment (Mendix & Enzo, 13). The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed comparison of the character traits exhibited by the two.

Character Trait Analysis and Comparison

The Wonder stars the protagonist August Pullman born with a facial deformity that remained a significant challenge preventing him from going to a mainstream school (Palacio, 3). The courageous incumbent August decides to try school after being encouraged and inspired by her parent, particularly her mother who has been struggling through different medical diagnosis procedures and treatment. Nevertheless, August is revealed as an aggressive character that is driven by his mission of going to school and growing successful as any average person could do.

However, August feels afraid at one time. He fears fellow boys and girls who keep on staring at his medically impaired face.  Nevertheless, the protagonist’s ambition does not stop at mere criticism and discrimination. All he wants is to feel normal (Palacio, 3).  August’s anticipative character helps him to get used to being stared at as well as being avoided by others throughout his entire life. As a result, Auggie goes to a mainstream school as per his ambition and manages to grow up substantially over the course of his first year there (Palacio, 3).  His social character helps him to meet new friends and make friendship with them.

Similarly, Rocky’s life encounter resembles that of August. First, Rocky suffers from a medical condition known as craniodiaphyseal dysplasia which prevents him from attending a mainstream school (Mendix & Enzo, 13). Secondly, Rocky looks courageous and ambitious. The incumbent child values the inspiration and encouragement he receives from his mother and the entire family to perform extraordinarily in school. His daring nature does not allow him to heed to the awkward treatment he receives from different people outside his family.

According to Mendix and Enzo, Rocky’s comic character helps him to attract his friends when he goes to attend a mainstream school that a young doctor whom they had initially visited with the mother had discouraged him (12). The doctor had proposed that Rocky was going to die young and could even go beyond six months after the visit. Rocky is intelligent. Despite the mainstream school’s principle classifying him as a mentally disabled student, he outshines other students in the class (Mendix & Enzo, 13). His intelligence, humor, courage, and wisdom enable him to win the favor of other children.

As a result, Rocky starts tutoring his classmates for   $3 per hour and is offered a job by the principle as a counselor’s aide at a school for blind children (Mendix & Enzo, 13). Rocky finally graduates with a brilliant performance in mathematics, history, and science. Rocky’s social character makes him fall in love with Diana Adams who is a blind girl at the school he had been promoted to teach. His kind and loving nature is evident when he takes good care of her new girlfriend (Mendix & Enzo, 13). Nevertheless, Rocky goes back home after his graduation and helps her drug addicted mother to abandon drugs and live the healthy life.


The character traits exhibited by August and Rocky are similar. The life of the two is also comparable. First, the two children suffer from fatal medical conditions that prevent them from attending school. However, both August and Rocky remain ambitions and have missions to achieve in school. They both manage to secure a chance in different mainstream schools where they demonstrate an outstanding performance that makes them succeed in their academic endeavors despite the many challenges they face such has rejection, discrimination, and insults.

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