what is a formative academic essay

what is a formative academic essay

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Students are given the opportunity to submit formative essays for their modules. Formative essays are usually due in on the Monday after Reading Week.
Formative essays will be read by your seminar leader. You will not get a grade, but you can expect an indication of the rough level you are attaining, written feedback, suggestions on what you can do to improve your work, and to get an idea what you are doing right.

What is a formative academic essay
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What is a formative academic essay
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Van Labeke, Nicolas; Whitelock, Denise; Field, Debora; Pulman, Stephen and Richardson, John T. E. (2013). OpenEssayist: extractive summarisation and formative assessment of free-text essays. In: 1st International Workshop on Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics, 8 Apr 2013, Leuven, Belgium.

Formative assessment usually assesses a student’s performance during the teaching period. It provides information to the student on their progress and also to the lecturer about the student’s/class’ understanding of the material covered. It does not necessarily have a grade attached, although it can. This grade may, or may not count towards the student’s final grade for the course although if it does, it is often low stakes and the grade is usually intended to encourage participation. Formative assessment should be returned to the students with feedback on how to improve the work in good time for the summative assessment to which it relates.
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